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INTRIA is the market leader in Remote Deposit Capture Services in Canada, with multiple active implementations across several financial institutions.

INTRIA’s solution provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Positioning Clients to further benefit from image exchange and straight through processing
  • Supporting Client strategies to ultimately reduce the use of couriers to transport cheques
  • Meeting customer demands for convenient banking options, using the latest trends in technology
  • Reducing the overall cost of processing cheques
  • Providing new levels of convenience and faster processing, to help drive customer satisfaction
  • Decreasing losses related to cheque fraud, thanks to rapid identification of suspect items at the point of deposit

Image-Enabled ATM Capture

Image-enabled ATM capture facilitates the acceptance, authentication, and validation of cheque and cash deposits. This expedites transaction processing, improves float, and extends deposit deadlines. Thanks to faster deposits, customers have more timely access to their funds – helping to ensure customer satisfaction. The removal of envelopes from the process eliminates handling and extraction costs, reduces armoured car carrier transportation costs, and mitigates the risk of empty-envelope fraud.

INTRIA will work with our clients as they transition from the conventional envelope process to image-enabled technology. INTRIA will provide both services during the hybrid processing period.

Branch Capture

INTRIA's Branch Capture solution has the flexibility to align with our clients' business requirements, including both Front Teller Capture and Back Counter Capture. Cheques are captured, and the images and data are transmitted securely to INTRIA for processing. Courier costs and deposit preparation time are reduced, while exchange and settlement is accelerated. The window for accepting deposits for same-day processing is also increased. In addition, the enhancement of providing cheque fraud detection at this point of capture mitigates bank risk and financial losses.

Front Teller Capture – allows financial institutions to integrate the RDC solution into their customer service application. Tellers capture the cheque data and image electronically while servicing their customer, helping to ensure the accuracy of customer deposits.

Back Counter Capture – allows Tellers to spend more time on customer service and less time on the processing of cheque deposits. Cheques are captured in the branch’s back office and sent in batch fashion to INTRIA.

Corporate Capture

Corporate capture streamlines the deposit process for business clients. The digitized transmission of cheque images and data reduces preparation time, improves accuracy, increases efficiency, and optimizes floats. At the same time, customer service is enhanced thanks to increased convenience, faster deposit processing, and rich data reporting – value added services that also provide financial institutions with additional fee generation opportunities. INTRIA’s data perfection and processing technology ensures efficient, secure, and accurate processing, backed by rigorous Service Level Agreements for quality and timeliness.

Mobile Capture

Financial institutions can leverage the widespread use of mobile devices to help contain the cost of physical cheque processing while increasing customer satisfaction. Mobile image capture allows both commercial and consumer customers to transmit cheque images for deposit securely via their mobile devices for processing within 24 hours. INTRIA’s technology helps ensure efficient, accurate processing of deposits with enhanced fraud detection capabilities. While providing our clients with additional fee opportunities, mobile capture also diverts cheque deposit processing from branches, improving efficiency and freeing staff to focus on sales and service opportunities.

Other Image Capture

The variety of devices and rapid pace of technological development are not obstacles to realizing the benefits of INTRIA’s RDC Services. Leveraging our RDC technology, INTRIA has the ability to receive and process X9 files directly from corporate customers, and the ability to capture residual paper items and provide X9 files to our clients for downstream processing.