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INTRIA’s same-day lockbox processing solution leverages the latest technology to ensure that payments reach accounts faster, providing our clients with the opportunity to closely manage costs.

INTRIA has recently refreshed its lockbox platform with a state-of-the-art payment processing application. With this solution, a wholesale/retail lockbox transaction, consisting of a paper cheque and/or coupon and supplemental documents, is converted to an electronic transaction. From that point forward, all cheque processing is completed using an image rather than using the physical item. The processing for the imaged transaction is performed centrally, using efficient workflow systems.

As part of our investment in platform upgrades, the INTRIA lockbox platform includes the following new features:

  • Web Enablement — Web access capability to view transactions, retrieve reports, and process exceptions, thereby improving customer service and cash flow.
  • Full-Page Scanning — Supplemental documents including correspondence, cheque and list documents, and various other non-transactional documents are image captured and provided to our clients within agreed upon timelines.
  • Distributed Capture and Straight Through Processing — INTRIA’s service is designed to provide capture in any of our centres. In step with the CPA Image Roadmap, INTRIA has the capability to generate X9 files with cheque images that can be transmitted to Direct Clearers for exchange and settlement.