Environment and Sustainability

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INTRIA has long been committed to green environmental principles and sustainability. INTRIA sponsors efforts at a grass roots level across Canada through its “Green Ambassador” program. Here, employees champion ways to reduce our environmental impact at an individual level in our daily work lives by participating in events such as “Earth Hour,” and through ideas for process improvements that reduce paper usage and our carbon footprint. 

As a champion in the movement toward image-based payment processing, INTRIA will continue to innovate through green processes that: 

  • Reduce paper usage through the increased use of digitized workflow
  • Decrease fossil fuels consumption and emissions by reducing or eliminating the need to physically transport paper payment documents and cheques

INTRIA’s advanced cash management capabilities also have a positive environmental impact by ensuring that our clients’ ATM machines are optimally stocked with the appropriate amount of cash. In turn, this helps ensure that unnecessary or “emergency” cash deliveries by armoured car couriers are not required.