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INTRIA is a leading provider in Canada of currency services. ATM processing (Image & Envelopes), commercial deposit processing, and treasury services are offered through an integrated network of highly secure, purpose-built currency centres aligned to Canada’s major population centres and transportation routes.

ATM Processing (Image & Envelope)

  • Provide image files for cheque clearing and archiving, resulting in reduced re-capture work effort
  • Balance at both the ATM level and the transaction level
  • Process bulk cash from image-enabled ATM units
  • Integrate this service with any of our related services, yielding even greater process and cost efficiencies
  • Provide deposit review services by experienced operators accustomed to financial institution requirements
  • Support hybrid processing during the transition from envelope ATMs to image-based ATMs, leveraging client’s existing business rules to ensure consistency
  • Complete investigations, faster; online access to cheque images and cash deposit details enable faster inquiry turnaround times

Commercial Deposit Processing

Quickly and securely, INTRIA's advanced processing platform helps get deposits to where they belong: in customers’ accounts.

Deposit processing is centralized to a standard operating environment within one of the country’s largest network of currency processing centres. Whether in Victoria, St. John’s, or most major city in between, clients can depend on consistent handling of their deposits. These sites are all highly secure: physically, logically, and, from an information security standpoint. Dedicated internal security teams help ensure company policies, standards, and guidelines are maintained across all systems.

INTRIA is bank ready, with the experience and insight to align to our clients’ needs whether from a service, compliance, regulatory or strategic standpoint. Our complete Commercial Deposit Processing solution encompasses cash, coin and cheques processed in excess of ten million commercial deposits each year. Clients benefit from the advantages made possible by INTRIA’s economy of scale and our industry-leading advances in technological innovation and workflow automation.

INTRIA’s experience and expertise helps to ensure conformance to anti-money laundering and counterfeit regulatory requirements, which results in better management of deposits.

Our clients can be confident in knowing that their business deposits are handled efficiently and consistently, while realizing the many advantages of entrusting this critical processing activity to a world-class service provider.

Additionally, to further contain unit costs, INTRIA's turnkey Remote Deposit Capture solution includes image-enabled ATM capability. Image ATM processing leverages the inherent processing efficiencies and anti-fraud benefits of point-of-deposit image capture, while mitigating armoured car carrier and courier costs.

Our clients can be confident in knowing that their business deposits are handled efficiently and consistently, while realizing the many advantages of entrusting this critical processing activity to a world-class service provider.

Image File Transmission

INTRIA is positioned to leverage our national footprint to capture items locally at all of our centres, and provide clients with an industry standard X9 image file, perfected or unperfected, containing site transit information for further processing and image exchange. Image files can be provided for all work streams including; deposit processing, ATM processing, branch and in-clearing items.

Benefits of the service include faster processing times as there is no longer a reliance on physical transportation, and cost reductions in regions where extensive transportation is still a requirement, such as Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

Treasury Processing

End-to-end management of clients’ cash holdings in a highly secure environment – it’s what INTRIA provides in its cross-Canada network of processing centres.

In addition to managing their cash holdings, INTRIA can also hold clients’ Bank of Canada Banknote Distribution System holdings in designated centres. This means less transportation of cash outside INTRIA's premises, thus minimizing cash float and related Bank Treasury cost and cutting down on time, risk, and armoured car carrier costs associated with moving treasury holdings.

INTRIA processes over five billion bank notes each year of all denominations, applying stringent security standards to supplying and managing cash vault holdings, including sophisticated equipment and highly trained staff to detect and appropriately manage counterfeit notes.

Operating vaults in major centres across Canada, INTRIA is one of the foremost processors of cash in the Canadian financial system. INTRIA’s centralized standard processing and operating environment relieve clients of the need to manage their own central cash vaults.

ATM Cash Forecasting & Reconciliation

INTRIA’s ATM Cash Forecasting service helps clients to optimize their cash holdings and minimize float costs and emergency cash loads.

INTRIA provides Cash Forecasting services to financial institutions and other clients across Canada, maintaining cash levels in more than 3,100 ATMs. INTRIA's reconciliation service ties it all together, helping ensure that the balance is maintained between the incoming and outgoing cash counts.

INTRIA has built a leading team of cash forecasting experts, chosen for their hands-on knowledge of the entire cash supply chain and all aspects of armoured car carrier management.

This expertise combined with leveraging INTRIA's advanced software solution enables informed business decisions, including improved ability to identify opportunities to reduce float costs, find exceptional variances in ATM unit usage, and lower overall processing costs.