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Consumers are increasingly adopting an ever-broadening selection of electronic payment channels, while businesses continue to rely on paper cheques without a widely accepted alternative. The result is a decrease in total volume, but a continued reliance on cheques as a payment method. Financial institutions are challenged to mitigate rising unit costs associated with cheque processing and to address the evolving regulatory landscape and the desire for rapid modernization of the payments system.

Leveraging its breadth and economies of scale, INTRIA is answering this challenge by introducing an enhanced image self-service processing platform for both Capture (Day 1) and Returns (Day 2). This approach allows for the ingestion of cheque image files from a variety of sources, as well as the capture of residual paper items which can be converted to electronic transactions consisting of the cheque data and an image. From that point forward, cheques move at electronic speeds and all processing is performed centrally using efficient image workflow systems.

Remote Deposit Capture

For information regarding INTRIA’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) offering, please click here

Day 1 – Cheque Clearing Services

The Day 1 platform provides financial institutions an enhanced image-based service with improved efficiency and speed of clearing exchange. The platform ingests images from a variety of sources, like Remote Deposit Capture channels and Image Exchange files from other financial institutions, to provide a central hub for common business validation processes such as duplicate detection, cheque clearing and posting.

In addition to ingesting cheques that have been imaged at their point of deposit, INTRIA’s platform is equipped to capture residual paper items, if required, converting them to images and streamlining with existing image work streams.

Day 2 – Exception and Returns Service

The Day 2 Exception and Returns service provides an integrated and automated end-to-end service offering, utilizing an image-based platform to send or receive unpaid items via the CPA Inter-Member Exchange. The Exception platform is web-enabled to allow for a financial institution’s fraud group or branch operations to have direct access to the system where they can make pay/no pay decisions and initiate returns automatically.

The Returns platform allows INTRIA to process inbound return items, charging back the depositor account and generating advice notices to communicate the returned cheque details.

INTRIA’s solution supports both image returns and residual paper returns, if required.

Image File Transmission

INTRIA is uniquely positioned to leverage our national footprint to capture items locally at all of our centres, and provide clients with an industry standard X9 image file, perfected or unperfected, containing site transit information for further processing and image exchange. Image files can be provided for all work streams including; deposit processing, ATM processing, branch and in-clearing items.

Benefits of the service include a reduction in the length of time to process items as there is no longer a reliance on physical transportation, and cost reductions in regions where extensive transportation is still a requirement, such as Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

Remote Mailroom Services

Canadian financial institutions are moving quickly toward the conversion of cheques to electronic transactions. The transition to Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) eliminates the requirement to transport paper cheques taken on deposit at each branch or ATM, to the regional exchange points, each business day.

Financial institutions are now left with the high cost associated with the transportation of branch bags, containing a number of different documents with various levels of urgency, to back office mailrooms. INTRIA’s service leverages our network of centres, from Victoria to St. John’s, supporting Clients as they work to digitize residual paper documents. Activities include Document Scanning, White Mail Metering, Report Print, and Transportation Optimization.