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Cheque fraud continues to be a significant cost for financial institutions with losses amounting to tens of millions of dollars each year. INTRIA has implemented an innovative suite of Fraud Detection services that combine traditional processes with image-based technology to reduce cheque fraud costs.

Whether a deposit is made at an image-enabled ATM, bank branch, corporate office, mobile device, or any other deposit source, INTRIA’s image-based cheque solution features:

  1. The ability to provide extensive fraud suspect detection edits into the capture process, including negative/positive files, no MICR, deposit data/cheque metadata, and duplicate detection
  2. Online access to central risk monitoring groups and other support areas for decision support
  3. The generation of metadata to be used in fraud identification algorithms
  4. Image-based signature verification and cheque stock
  5. Finality is critical in avoiding potential fraud losses, and here INTRIA’s solution creates an advantage by:

    • Reducing cycle time by decreasing “out of region” delays
    • Incorporating “auto decisioning” within the exceptions process
    • Enabling “quick batch” ability between Day 1 and Day 2 processing, supporting “same day” exceptions and charge-backs

    This combination of traditional and enhanced image-based technology positions INTRIA as the leader in Canada for cheque-related Fraud Detection services. It also enables INTRIA to focus on tangible fraud solutions that are relevant for clients, the business, and the future of cheque processing.