Relationship Approach
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INTRIA’s approach to client relationships is based on a commitment to service excellence on a day-to-day basis, a comprehensive understanding of the strategic needs of the client's business, and multi-levels of support.

Aligning business strategy with the appropriate payment services is the surest way to help clients achieve their objectives. INTRIA’s extensive experience and expertise is available to help with estimating costs and benefits in advance of any decision or commitment.

To support our Relationship Management methodology INTRIA is committed to providing its clients with appropriate resources through an established governance model that can include components of a three-tiered approach: strategic, operational, and tactical. This approach is scalable to the size of the business and the complexity of clients' needs.

Key Principles of Relationship Management Approach

  • Thoroughly understand clients' strategic objectives and success factors to deliver long-term benefits
  • Identify risk and act quickly to manage the impact
  • Focus on continuous improvement in both cost and quality of operational delivery
  • Identify ongoing opportunities for growth and areas of mutual benefit
  • Conduct client satisfaction surveys to identify strengths and opportunities to improve customer service