Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

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INTRIA's goal is 100% Satisfaction, 100% of the time. Performance is ensured through detailed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) complemented by a tightly-knit process for change management and problem resolution.

Each day, all INTRIA centres across Canada report service performance to produce a “quality snapshot.” This enables INTRIA to monitor its business closely, provide informative updates to clients, and provide its relationship managers an ongoing picture of the company's performance in meeting clients’ expectations.

In support of this goal, INTRIA aims to be error free — which makes it possible to offer and meet extremely stringent SLAs.

To sustain this level of performance, all INTRIA employees actively participate in a formalized, highly-evolved continuous improvement program. INTRIA recognizes that in today’s competitive market, quality isn’t based on past performance but is measured in real-time.