Change Management
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Throughout its national network, INTRIA implements all requests for service changes through a consistent process.

INTRIA’s Change Request (CR) process is used for additional processing requirements. It allows clients to submit a CR form to an intake mailbox. Clients are then provided with an acknowledgment of the CR, a tracking number, and an expected response date.

Each CR is assigned to a lead from a team of employees whose sole responsibility is to follow the request from receipt to response delivery and implementation. INTRIA’s relationship management team plays a key role working with clients through the change process as a liaison to the change management team.

Key components of the process include:

  1. Assigning resources to conduct an initial assessment
  2. Engaging representatives from all relevant stakeholder groups to review the request, identify the impacts, and develop an implementation approach
  3. Providing client a written response detailing the costs to make the change, and the proposed timeline to implement
  4. Obtaining client’s approval to proceed
  5. Assigning resources to implement the change, applying INTRIA’s standard project management methodology
  6. Monitoring implementation activities throughout the process to ensure that the change is co-ordinated, that client objectives are achieved, and that INTRIA complies with national standards